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Bending Sheet Metal with a Brake

Matt’s Pan

Matt Davis. True Gentleman, gorgeous motorcycle. Photographs from a pitch black campground can be tough to capture. “I’m getting better!” Google it, it will bring the whole thing around full circle.

Tips on Taps

Around the campfire

Gypsy Run 2010: Vol. 6


Stolen Bike in Calgary

Our friend Shawn had his Honda chop stolen last night. If you have any info, please drop me a line ( or post in the comments. This bike is a classic that Shawn has ridden from coast to coast - if you stumble upon any info, help us out.

Cutting metal on a bandsaw




Knurling on your lathe



Precision Measuring with verniers and dial gauges

Scenes from the Road: Vol. 2


Rice-O-Rama 2010: Vol. 2


Precision Measuring with Mikes and Trammels

Gypsy Run 2010: Vol. 5


Using Hacksaws 101

Basic hacksaw usage knowledge - yes, but basic tips and tricks are always helpful. Get smaht broham. Click pics for bigger.

Rice-O-Rama 2010

Had a great time at Rice-O-Rama this year, the show just keeps getting better. Killer bikes, solid deals, good dudes. Many pics to come, these are just a small sampling.

Tanks for coming


How to use End Mills

Motorcycle Drive Chains 101

Most of our back wheels are driven by what is known properly as a roller chain.This design was originally developed for use on bicycles in the 19th century but is still in use today, sometimes transmitting thousands of times more power than its designers ever conceived.

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