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Build your own disk & spindle sander

Man, I just love the idea of building your own monstrous disk sander. Yes, their are low cost alternatives out there, but you build this thing right, and use a good motor and it will outlast your great grandkids.

Cam Cover Puller for Ironhead Sportsters

Neat little tool to make things easier, seems like it would be pretty easy to make one for yourself.

Art Deco Henderson Redux

I find it completely fascinating how much attention this one bike has stirred up around the internet. Everyday the post gets more comments and other blogs are still posting about it (thanks for linking back). The coolest thing to come out of it though is finding out more about the bike. Pat Murphy dropped me […]

Swap Meet’n


Classic Motor Porn


Custom XS650 by LC Fabrications

Read more about the story behind the Chicken Salad and an interview with Jeremy over at

Chicken Salad Tech Sheet
Owner: Jeremy CuppShop
Shop Name: LC Fabrications
Yr/make/model: 1979 Yamaha XS 650
Fabrication: LC Fabrications
Build Time: 4 months

Type: stock Yamaha/ LC Fabrications hardtail
Stretch: 3” in tail section

Size :750cc
Builder: LC Fabrications
Cases: Yamaha
Cylinders: XS performance
Head: Yamaha
Carbs: Mikuni 36mm roundslide
Air cleaners: LC Fabrications
Exhaust: LC Fabrications
Ignition: Boyer/Brandsen

Type: stock unit 5 speed/xs performance overdrive

Front: stock

Front: 19” cast mag
Tire : Bridgestone
rotor:  stock/drilled and moved to left side
caliper: XS 1100 left caliper
Rear: 19” cast mag
Tire: Bridgestone
Rotor:stock/drilled and moved to left side
Caliper: Brembo

Color: H-D blue/white
Painter: LC Fabrications
Graphics: LC Fabrications

Gas Tank: Modified Honda Scrambler
Bars: LC Fabrications
Hand Controls: GSXR 750
Foot controls: LC Fabrications
Pegs: LC Fabrications
Headlight: LC Fabrications
Taillight: LC Fabrications
Liscence Mount: LC Fabrications
Seat: LC Fabrications

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