Gypsy Run 2010

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Gypsy Run is right around the corner. Get stoked. Walter always puts on a killer time. Leave your pussy at home and bring the rain gear.

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  1. Mad River Motor Company says:

    alright - here’s my tentative plan - starting Monday night, me and SMCD are digging into the X - should be right ready by the following Sunday (if you want to help, I’ll feed you and offer you refreshing albeit alcohol free drinks every night of the week next week) - then Monday thru Thursday is shakedown (I should be able to get in a thousand miles if I do two fifty every night that week but five bills should be enough to know if it will hold up) - got to work Friday (its a new job)- I get out at 4pm - the bike will be packed - and then I head west - I could come meet you as well or we could meet up at a rest stop on the pike or some other route (let’s make this all smiles right?)- I don’t know whether Ace is coming (Henry is a variable that has to waited on)but whether or not I’ll ride out, party friday, ride saturday, do the breakfast Sunday morning and head back east Sunday - how’s that grab you as for a plan?

  2. Mad River Motor Company says:

    One more thing - I LOVE your photography - I really do - that photo of Fritz’s pan deserves to be a poster

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