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Gypsy Run 2010 Pics

Gypsy Run 4 was a blast. Great time, great people, great ride. Big success. I have tons and tons of pics and as usual will go about posting them in random fashion over the course of time. Here’s a few I quickly processed.  


Precision Measuring with Rules & Calipers

Scenes from the shop


Scenes from the scene

D.I.Y Lathe Tech

Form turning tools (for soft metals & plastic)

Using taps & dies in the lathe
As always, click the pics for bigger.

Scenes from the Road

Few shots via the helmet cam from some rides this summer. Mount up tomorrow a.m for the GR4 adventure.

How to fit & install a fairing


Gypsy Run 2010 Final Reminder

Get your shit sorted and hit the road. Guaranteed good time. Few more memories from last year.
See you on Friday.

Cutting Sheet Metal - 101

Visions from Rhinebeck 2010, Sunday Edition

Visions from Rhinebeck 2010, Saturday Edition


Metal Drilling Tips & Tricks


Eastern Boarder Brainfood

Few shots from earlier in the summer at Eastern Boarder in Danvers, MA.

Moto Part Obsessed

For the parts obsessed. Click for the enlarge (it’s teh huge)

Everything you wanted to know about motorcycle fork seals

Well, I suppose if you’re a sadistic motherfucker, you’ll need more in depth info than this. Lord knows we love moto obsessed weirdos - but this 3 pager should fill your noggin with the downlow on moto fork seals. Click for bigger.

Flat Track Inspired Custom CB 100

Gifny at Hajarbroxx Motorcycles in Indonesia is straight up killing it with this flat track inspired 1976 CB100. Great lines, simple design with some beautiful details and killer pics.

One World Tour DVD

Our friends Zack and Scott of Choppertown / Brittown fame have a new flick coming out. These guys always deliver, check out the trailer above - you can pre-order now and save yourself a couple bucks.

Greasebag Memories 2009

Click for bigger.

Gypsy Run 2010

Gypsy Run is right around the corner. Get stoked. Walter always puts on a killer time. Leave your pussy at home and bring the rain gear.

Malcom Smith’s 8 Speed Husky 250

Click for bigger.