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Gas Welding Basics

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Rust Bucket Glory

Brit Choppers

Mass BIA 2010

Flux Core Welding 101

Once I hooked up my MIG to gas, I never went back to flux core; it was that much better. That said, not everyone has that option and there are some situations where the flux core setup is preferred. This is a good intro to the basics from the book Welding: Principles & Applications. […]

Rhinebeck 2010: Photo Dump 01

Rhinebeck = believe the hype. Unbelievable. Total sensory overload. Many more pics to come. FYI - that first bike is an Excelsior Henderson with custom bodywork, and yes it runs and rides (around the fairgrounds at least).

Basic Metalworking

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The Dragon: CB750 Digger

From Custom Cycle, Novermber 1981

Setting up clearances & Valve Spring Tension

Stacked & Packed


Round Stock Clamp & Chuck Jaw Extensions