Traffic Spikes & Mass Appeal


The past few days have been pretty crazy as far as web traffic goes. After Chris over at BikeExif posted a story about the 1930 Art Deco Henderson photos I took, web traffic shot up like crazy. The story was subsequently picked up by a number of large blogs like Jalopnik, Wired, The Cool Hunter and Gizmodo driving folks back to Knucklebuster, the traffic went through the roof. Crazy numbers for this site - for reference, this site averages about 20,000 unique visitors a month - fairly small potatoes in the big world of internet traffic. From July 17th through yesterday we’ve had over 60,000 unique visitors. That’s triple the monthly traffic in only 9 days - the peak was over 16,000 visitors in 1 day. I know that’s no big deal when compared to large sites that are getting hundreds of thousands, if not millions of hits everyday day - but man, I gotta say it felt pretty cool to know that so many people were checking this out and digging it. Knucklebuster is not my livelihood, but it is something I am passionate about and take seriously, so the additional attention is pretty cool - even if it is only focused on 1 post versus the entire spirit of the site.

So to everyone checking out the site for the first time - welcome. If you happen to poke around beyond the single post that brought you here you’ll find that the 2-wheel gospel we preach is focused on spreading the do-it-yourself, built-not-bought mentality. This site is not brand, style or country of origin loyal - we’re open to all makes, models and styles although the slant is certainly gears towards heavily modified customs, choppers, café racers, street trackers and vintage bikes. Most posts on this site can be placed into 2 categories (1) do-it-yourself articles (2) visual inspiration. There is a ton of great useful information to help the the obsessive moto junkie posted under the how-to section - including hundreds of vintage tech articles & books about metalworking and moto mechanics. The site gets updated daily and I try to stay on top of responding to comments as much as I can (this is a 1 man show over here, so responses are not always lightning fast). If you’ve built a bike and want to send it in for consideration, check out the submissions section - I try to post the best submissions I get a few times a month and I always dig seeing what’s coming out of the garages of the folks who read this site.

For those of you who have been coming here for a long time, the song remains the same. This little blip of attention is not going to change the content or focus of the site - if anything, it makes me want to move faster on implementing some of the ideas I’ve been tossing around in my head (including publishing more in-depth written content & editorials).

Thanks to all for stopping by

P.S: Thanks to Chris @ BikeExif, Ryan @ the JJ and all the other sites helped spread the word.  

3 Responses to “Traffic Spikes & Mass Appeal”

  1. neoedo says:

    Found your site through BikeEXIF a while back and was quite impressed with ALL your content. I now make sure I check in regularly to see what is new and exciting over here. Thanks for putting all this together, and for the cool format of both the tip sheets and the detail oriented photography.

  2. Mad River Motor Company says:

    Had your article emailed to me from three different Excelsior owners groups - resource, east coast and everything - photos look spectacular - time to put some posters in the knucklebuster shop

  3. Blue Collar Moto says:

    And I get all excited when I only get 1400 page views in one day. Great job by the way. Knuckelbuster has been a regular stop for me ever since you showed us how to split Ironhead rockers.


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