King of the Seventies

Kawi_Z1_1.jpg vintage 1970s Kawasaki Z1 FAQ file Kawi_Z1_3.jpgKawi_Z1_4.jpgclassic kawasaki Z1 bike dossier   

Classic Bike Dossier on the Kawasaki Z1. Still looks sharp more than 30 years later. For my tastes, very few bikes are coming straight out of the factory looking this good.

3 Responses to “King of the Seventies”

  1. Nardi says:

    They still should be chopped!

  2. DanDan says:

    the tanks on the Z1’s are the best looking ever

  3. AadmanZ says:

    I found a couple of them in a bike shop in Kyoto Japan a few years.. And no, re-exporting them is not an option, price back then was roughly 15000 Euros..

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