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Brits of the past

Quick Metal Working Tips

The ins and outs of exhaust pipes

Good info, click for bigger.

Keene Swap Meet: Spring 2010


DIY Third Hand Clamp

Chances are you might have a lot of this stuff already kicking around your garage (except for the ball-joint head). I have a cheapo version of this that I got at Lowes with the suction cup mount - not recommended. The suction cup has very little gripping power, so until modify it to give the […]

Traffic Spikes & Mass Appeal

The past few days have been pretty crazy as far as web traffic goes. After Chris over at BikeExif posted a story about the 1930 Art Deco Henderson photos I took, web traffic shot up like crazy. The story was subsequently picked up by a number of large blogs like Jalopnik, Wired, The Cool Hunter […]

King of the Seventies

Classic Bike Dossier on the Kawasaki Z1. Still looks sharp more than 30 years later. For my tastes, very few bikes are coming straight out of the factory looking this good.

Macro @ Acme

Getting up close during my last visit to Acme Choppers.

Pope Engine Bits

Setting & Checking Valve Clearences

Checking and setting clearances on a DOHC engine. Click for bigger.

Slugging Custom Handlebars

Special ‘79 dropping knowledge.

Sportsters at Rhinebeck


Brit Iron

Building a Long Arm Buffer

Up Close

8 Handy Welding Tips

1930 Art Deco Henderson

About a week ago I posted the pic above and it seems to have excited quite a number of people across the internets, so here’s a few more pics and some info.
I took these photos at the Rhinebeck Grand National Meet where the newly restored bike was unveiled. The bike belongs to Frank Westfall from […]

Knuck Love

Seen at Rhinebeck 2010. Perfection.

Simple tools can take you a long way

Rhinebeck 2010: Photo Dump 02