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Auto Spray Paint Shaker

For all you spray bomb masters, this could come in quite handy. Super simple and plenty useful.

Triton Cafe Racer

I don’t think I ever posted these shot’s of Nardi’s Triton. He keeps talking about changing a few things up, but she’s certainly a looker as she sits.

Gauges - a guide to perfection

Vintage Number Plates

Front fender mounted number plates; something about them, I just love the way they look.

Rhinebeck Antique Motorcycle Meet

Week and a half away from what I hear is one of the most mind blowing motorcycle shows around. I’ve been trying to get myself to the Rhinebeck Motorcycle Meet for a couple years now, but this year is the first time I will actually be able to pull it off - stoked to say […]

Greasy parts from the Keene Swap Meet


Build your own Arc Welder

I’m guessing this is more interesting than useful these days, but if you ever wanted to build your own Arc welder from scratch, now you have the know-how. From the September 1948 issue of Popular Mechanics - I wish PopMech was still this cool. Click the pics for bigger.