Laconia 2010

Greasebag2009-120.jpg Greasebag2009-146.jpg Greasebag2009-148.jpgGreasebag2009-196.jpg  

Obviously bike week won’t be the same without the Greasebag going on, and really, there is no reason to head north since the usual bike week shenanigans are “wihked retahded”, but I’m heading up tomorrow morning anyway. Why? A good friend of mine has a house on the lake (away from the traffic) and a bunch of us idiots will be getting together to… well… be idiots. Plus, a 3-4 hour ride through the back-roads of MA & NH sounds nice on a sunny 90º day. A few folks have already reported back to me that the main drag is a total snooze fest - yeah, that’s a real shocker. I’m fine with some riding, kicking back with a cold drink and letting the “excitement” of bike week pass me right by. If any of you locals want to swing by for a drink or hang out by the water, drop me an email, I should get service up there.

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