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D.I.Y Leather Tooling

Popular Mechanics showing you some basics circa 1960. Books and tutorials always make it look easy. Get to it son, carve yourself up a sweet seat.

Mass BIA: Spring Show 2010

Small Fixtures for Precision Machining

Rear View




Build Your Own Offset Boring Head

From the road



The glorious Norton Manx

Get a Grip


Laconia 2010

Obviously bike week won’t be the same without the Greasebag going on, and really, there is no reason to head north since the usual bike week shenanigans are “wihked retahded”, but I’m heading up tomorrow morning anyway. Why? A good friend of mine has a house on the lake (away from the traffic) […]

Metalworking How-To Info Dump - Part 3

Metalworking How-To Info Dump - Part 2

Part 2 of our mega tech info love fest. Part 3 on friday. Dig into it.

Gypsy Run 2009


Metalworking How-To Info Dump - Part 1

Cleaning up my Pop Mechanics archives with a couple of big tech tip / how-to info dumps. Here’s the first installment, parts 2 & 3 over the next few days.

Hide Motorcycles Video

Sofia Hogs



Lathe Ball-Turning Attachment

Mass BIA 2010


Retro Modern Softail

Brian Haskell’s softail.