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Using Masking Tape for Striping & Lettering

I realize new technology, paint and techniques have popped on the scene since 1945, but a cool read nonetheless.

Motordivision Video

I wish more internet motorcycle videos were this well put together. Beautifully shot and edited. Put together by Nguyen @ MOTORDIVISION.

Kawasaki KZ200 Street Tracker out of Indonesia

I’ve slacked on posting reader’s submissions for a long time, going to try to get a few more rides up over the next couple weeks. This killer Kawasaki KZ200 comes from Gifny Richata out or Indonesia. Dig the attention to detail and smooth lines of the bike. Looks like a […]



Inner Bits

Boring Bars and Holders for your Lathe

Milling Operations in the Lathe: Chapter 6

Been a while since I posted a chapter, this a good long one.
You can find the previous chapters by clicking here: Books

Keene Swap Meet 2010

Few shots from Keene this past weekend. Good show, got a couple nuggets. More pics to come.

Racing the Ragged Edge

From an old issue of American Motorcycling

A Trio of Norton’s


Hand Controls