Suzuki Savage Chopper

Suzuki Savage Rigid frame chopper from voodoo vintage201005260743.jpg201005260744.jpg 201005260744.jpg 201005260745.jpg

A production rigid frame for the Suzuki Savage? Who’da thunk it. Voodoo Vintage out of Austin, TX is putting these out and they look damn good. Little bit of gooseneck, clean lines and you can bolt up the majority of the stock bits to get it done (although I’d get rid of the stock tank in favor of a wassell or something similar). I dig it, check em out at

5 Responses to “Suzuki Savage Chopper”

  1. Swag says:

    Me likes! I agree about the stock tank though.

  2. Danger Mouse says:

    Finally, They have only been making the Savage for 25 years. It’s the last of the truly simple engines in production today.

  3. Morning Linkage (Jun 11) says:

    […] Suzuki again, this time a frame for the Savage. […]

  4. Red Rider says:

    I’ve seen the bike in person…JUST AWESOME !!!!!!!!

    The builder tried to reuse as many stock parts as he could and did a DAMN GOOD JOB.
    Its simple, clean, functional and easy on the wallet.
    And as for a Wassell tank…thats about as UGLY as a HD Sportster tank and dated as well.

  5. Kevin says:

    Love the frame. I’d like to see it with a king tank, forward controls and apes.

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