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Suzuki Savage Chopper

A production rigid frame for the Suzuki Savage? Who’da thunk it. Voodoo Vintage out of Austin, TX is putting these out and they look damn good. Little bit of gooseneck, clean lines and you can bolt up the majority of the stock bits to get it done (although I’d get rid of the […]

Getting Ready for Camp

Like many of you, I’ve got a few longer 2-wheel trips for the summer that will include camping. Peep this article to see how they rolled in 1947. Not super useful in modern times, and not really applicable to lightweight, motorcycle camping, but a fun and informative read (if only from a […]

BIA Show Pics 2009


Mass British Iron Association Show on Sunday

The Mass BIA show is on Sunday, and I’ll be there as usual hawking t-shirts and parts, make sure to come by and say hello. I’m getting rid of a bunch of parts out of my stash, so this is the first chance at it before it goes up on ebay/craigslist. Like most of you, […]

Milling Operations in the Lathe: Chapter 9

Final Chapter of the book, hope you’ve enjoyed it. As always, click the images above to zoom in. If you missed previous chapters, you can find them all here:

Suzuki Savage / S40 Cafe Racer

While I snooze on finishing up my Suzuki Savage chopper, Casey Stevenson has been busy putting together this beauty. Great design, clean execution and looks like a blast to ride. Here’s what Casey had to say about it:
I was in the market for a new motorcycle and wanted a lightweight thumper to […]

Metal Lathe Tech

Article 1: Indicators

Article 2: Split-ring Lathe Dog

Walt Siegl Motobee

I remember seeing this one a few months ago and having to wipe the drool off my chin - which is usually the case when Walt Siegl unveils a new bike. He is easily in my top 10 modern builders. Absolutely stunning work and a gorgeous machine. Check out his site if you haven’t already.
Walt […]

Providence + Unicorns + AK47s=

Brilliant. Duh.

Custom XS650 Swing Arm Chopper

I would have maybe stretched it in the back just a little bit more, but overall Lots of really nice details on this XS650 Chop.

Reader’s Rides Friday

Was digging through my email archives and found a whole bunch of reader submissions I hadn’t posted up. Still got a lot more to go through, but here’s the first batch. Jean-Christophe from France, bitchin’ Ironhead chop, dig the punk rock sticker paint job on the tank.

Jeff Hammel’s budget Yamaha XS650

German Karp’s Suzuki GS 425. […]

Milling Operations in the Lathe: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Combine Operations and Complex Milling

You can find the previous chapters by clicking here: Books

Deus Ex Machina Modern Bonniville Custom

Deus kills it with this modern bonnie revamp. Click the thumbnails for bigger.
Check out more here:

Thread Cutting on your Lathe

1932 Rudge

1932 Rudge “Special” - a 499CC, 4 Valve beauty.

Joints Custom Bike 2010 Show Video

Mute the sound, crank some Slayer and check out some cool bikes.

Get a Grip


Milling Operations in the Lathe: Chapter 7

You can find the previous chapters by clicking here: Books

Gypsy Run 2009: Faces in the Crowd

Build your own Hand Knurler

Knurl up some sweet pegs bro.