Ride To Skate 2010


Good times no doubt. Put it on your calendar.

4 Responses to “Ride To Skate 2010”

  1. glawen says:

    i could really do with a little less skateboarding in the world of motorcycles…the real old school guys are bewildered seeing perfectly good shovelheads and ironheads all junked up & being ridden by guys in ‘’vans shoes'’……..

  2. 522design says:

    stop fucking useing the word old school.its the way of the future,we guys in vans are the ones keeping this shit alive,so take your road king and go to some gay hog party not ride 2skate

  3. steve says:

    you forgot the knuckleheads and panheads we’re junking up..oh yeah and flatheads too. all while wearing vans

  4. 522design says:

    hey steve do you like ‘vans’ shoes ?i do.very comfy.wear them while junking vintage motorcycles .hahaha

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