1957 Norton Manx

Norton-1957-Manx-350-1.jpgNorton-1957 Manx-350-2.jpg Norton-1957 Manx-350-3.jpg Norton-1957 Manx-350-4.jpg Norton-1957 Manx-350-5.jpg  

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2 Responses to “1957 Norton Manx”

  1. lance houston says:

    The 500 single was the Moto GP weapon of the day.
    The Norton Manx influenced the Rockers on how they wanted their Cafe bikes to look! In the early 60″s two or three of these
    Manx Nortons sat on the grid for the Daytona 200. They finished
    ar ,or near the top.

  2. lance houston says:

    Correction on the Daytona stats. Three Norton Manxs took 1st,
    2nd, and 3rd in the 1949 Daytona 200. Facts courtesy of the
    A.M.A. motorcycle museum.

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