John Donahue’s XS650 Chopper

Randoms_101209-173.jpg Randoms_101209-174.jpgRandoms_101209-175.jpg  

From the 2009 Greasebag Jamboree.
Hey J - you finally paint this thing yet or are we going to be waiting another few years for that?

4 Responses to “John Donahue’s XS650 Chopper”

  1. Warden says:

    that is one sweet 650….

  2. JohnD says:

    It’s still bare, but I did finally dye the battery bag to match the seat.

  3. JohnD says:

    Oh and I also added some fender struts.

  4. Matseely says:

    i dig everything about this bike, how did you do the rear disk brakes? or better question, where did you get that awesome rear sprocket? who built the frame? where can i get more pics and info on this badass bike?

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