Harbortown Bobber


I’ve plugged the Harbortown Bobber flick before, but I finally got a chance to watch it and I’ve got to say, it exceeded my expectations. Scott and Zach from Oneworld are no strangers to directing kick-ass moto movies - both Choppertown & Brittown slayed the small screen. They set the bar high for modern motorcycle documentaries, and their newest flick delivers the goods again.This is not a fluff piece - it’s a perfect mix of the story behind a D.I.Y motorcycle build with enough footage and detail to leave you feeling like you actually learned something. Not that we should expect anything less from these two, but I always get stoked to see them hit it out of the park again. The segments with Irish Rich and Earl Kane are worth the price of admission alone. As good as their previous 2 films, if not better. The DVD is finally available for sale on their website, make sure to go pick up a copy. http://www.harbortownbobber.com/

edit: unfortunately linking the youtube video was causing some formatting problems on the site, check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKOXQfQszLk

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