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Build your own Air Compressor


Care and Ue of a Micrometer


Turning Metal on a Lathe Accurately


Build your own Table Sander


Random Shots from 2009: Sunday Edition

Random Shots from 2009: Saturday Edition


Cutting Metal with a Jigsaw


Godspeed 45/06

Volume 2 of Godspeed 45/06 is out and looks incredible. Godspeed 45/06 is a quarterly collection of photographs documenting bike builders, their work, and their workspaces. The latest issue features Kutty Noteboom, Rico Fodrey, John Copeland, Jeffrey Schad, Duane Ballard, Nelson Kanno, Josh Mills, Lock Baker, and Yoshi Kosaka.
Independently photographed, designed, […]

Make your own drill press clamps

The latest from Acme Choppers

Jay Fortin aka Truckalope Jay sent over these pics from his last visit to Acme Choppers. I remember seeing the engraved rockers & cam covers over the summer when they were sitting on a shelf at the shop - they are so much more insane on the bike - straight up gorgeous. That […]

Lathe Milling Fixture D.I.Y


Vintage Moto Week: Day 7

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Vintage Moto Week: Day 6


Vintage Moto Week: Day 5


Harbortown Bobber

I’ve plugged the Harbortown Bobber flick before, but I finally got a chance to watch it and I’ve got to say, it exceeded my expectations. Scott and Zach from Oneworld are no strangers to directing kick-ass moto movies - both Choppertown & Brittown slayed the small screen. They set the bar high for modern motorcycle […]

Vintage Moto Week: Day 4

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Vintage Moto Week: Day 3


Vintage Moto Week: Day 2

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Vintage Moto Week: Day 1


Greasebag 2009: Bob’s Panhead Chopper

Bob Caiado’s 1948 HD EL @ The Greasebag 2009. Photo by Gino Mortillaro