The Golden Boy of Motorcycle Racing

1953 Motorcycle racing dirt track champion 1953 Motorcycle racing dirt track championPopSciMech_1_033.jpg  

Circa 1953 - click for bigger.

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  1. Shop Teacher Bob says:

    I used to run a vintage HD Sprint in AHRMA racing and drug my American Racer book around with me to collect autographs from the old masters. I stopped in at the Griffith, Ind. airport to see if I could get Goldsmith to sign the book as well. He was very gracious and spent quite a while thumbing through the book and telling me stories about many of the racers and the “good old days”. In addition to winning Daytona on a bike, he also won in a stock car, by the way.

    As a welding teacher, I’ve really been enjoying the old magazine reprints you’ve been posting.

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