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Machinist Lathe Tips


The Golden Boy of Motorcycle Racing

Circa 1953 - click for bigger.

Speed Machine

Or not

The right weld in the right place


Tool Fetish

Drill Press @ Acme

Matchless Rigid Single

Matchless seen at 2008 Brit Meet in Auburn, MA.

Clean Exhaust

Once it’s actually started, EPA approval will fly out the door,
but for now, it’s totally “Eco”… unless it’s leaking oil.

Modify your wood bandsaw to cut metal

Click for bigger.

Special ‘79

Jay Roche, a.k.a Special ‘79 rocking it on the lathe.

Lathe bits for odd jobs

Click for bigger.

Tools of the trade

Chips and bits. My tool fetish runs deep.

Improving the ‘74 Clutch

Quick article on improving the 1974 Harley Clutch.
Not sure what mag it came out of, I ripped it from BCM. Thanks Kim.

Flowers & Flake

Pure insanity. Done by Kandy Man Kustoms for Acme Choppers.

Make your own sheet metal bending brake


Click the images for the full size view.

Gas Tank Welding

Steve at Troy Fab working on my Sporty Tank

Old School Soldering Techniques

Make sure to click the images for a bigger version

Hand Shift

Seen at Rice-O-Rama 2008. I wish I could remember what model the bike was.

Make your own Welding Vise

Make sure to click the image for a bigger version