Art Deco Motorcycling from Budapest

980085_7849b1dd5f0d3ea1372e0ff7d4f92272_xl.jpg 1055753_86523b31857a540e170116ab25392c2e_xl.jpg Árpád checks in from… well, I’m not exactly sure, but it’s definitely not an English speaking country. That - in and of itself - is pretty rad. I love the fact that weirdos from all over the world check in with the crazy 2-wheel death traps they get wind of. So Árpád checks in with a couple links to the Hungarian version of Total bike. As you might guess, my Hungarian is pretty awesome, so deciphering the intimate details of the article was a piece of cake. I’ll boil it down for you - this crazy looking hessian dude runs a shop in Budapest called Art Deco Motorcycling. He takes shitty old Polish motorcycles (Junak’s… of course I’ve heard of them) and turns them into these incredibly gorgeous motorcycles. Oh, and he has the biggest polishing wheel I’ve ever seen. That pretty much sums it up… the article is a good read. I lifted these pics from their website, you can see all the photos and read the incredible article for yourself by clicking the links below.

980129_8f9d553123e1ecd2965c2a22e47ee0da_xl.jpg979945_0c1dfa2486e12a97d857d38af5526904_xl.jpg980107_5894d21a80ec4e86068565cbc10a8216_ml.jpg980155_dcb24854e8d2c2598e24e1d45500d4cd_xl.jpg 1055711_76f4462e37c43b59aa009b0490819be9_xl.jpg1055747_5e0dfd489c20a160e7932143d76adf07_ml.jpg1055717_e5e14c01b883437c27adb02f6ad74bb9_xl.jpg1055757_a044567afa09d5afc216fcb37417b3c0_xl.jpg 980191_9808148f61d2f1fec97a8fef099d7a50_xl.jpg

2 Responses to “Art Deco Motorcycling from Budapest”

  1. Lipi says:

    The motorbike with the copper tank is not a Junak.
    It is a Pannonia (Hungarian 250cc two stroke motorbike produced from 1954 to 1975).
    In the communist era (what Hungarians call “the cursed 40 years”) the Soviet Union decided what the other eastern nations can produce. Poland was allowed to build four stroke bikes (Junak), Hungary was allowed to build smaller two-strokes like Csepel and Pannonia. The Russians and Ukraine built the big bikes 650cc Urals and 750cc Dneprs which were “copy-paste-engineered” from the BMWs from the Wolrd War-era). On Russian command the Pannonia factory closed at 1975.
    Pannonia bikes were also exported to the USA under the “White” brand name.

  2. Geri says:

    Might take a look on this one:

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