Josh Blakes 1975 Honda CB5007 Chopper

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I just finished shaking this bike down over the last few months, and all is good. So now i can say its done.

It’s a 1975 Honda cb 500t. I used the original engine cradle and front half of the frame and made the rest. Frisco mounted the sportster tank ( Im born and raised in San Fran, so i thought it fitting). I made the exhaust as well as seat and battery box, and the bars( everything was either built or re-built by me). It’s got a older dirt-bike front brake master cylinder and the original wheels, and drum brake in the back. The coils got replaced with some brit style ones and better plug leads as well as new points and condensers. I took the starter out and machined an aluminum slug and plugged the hole, making it a kick only bike. Its pretty simple, light and runs great.


5 Responses to “Josh Blakes 1975 Honda CB5007 Chopper”

  1. fse says:

    That is a sweet fuckin ride! good job.

  2. AL says:

    Hi ya mate, hope you dont mind me emailing you, just checked out your bike, it’s awesome, ive just got hold of bobber/chop with a CB500T In it, in desparate need of restoration and i cant wait to get going, I have no idea about how the engine runs what it feels and sounds like, and your my only hope really before i spend lots of dosh, Is there anything you can tell me about it or any tips, i like that you capped the starter i would never have thought of that, I got bits missing on it need carbs, dont know if i can use others than the origanal, or if i need to search for the originals, Is this engine rear too cause i see it was only made for two years, anyway im waffaling,

    Be nice to hear from ya cause i need HELP!!!

    Cheers dude



  3. Poop says:

    nice work! hope to get mine done by the spring. curious about the coils you used.

  4. chris says:

    awesome fucking job bud,your vison for custom will take you far in our industry!

  5. mike says:

    Nice I have one real similar. except blue and black. sporty tank mounted high. 14″ apes. the seat mount needs reworked and head pipe leaks. Yours is sweet

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