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Uncle Randy in ‘76

Dickie Lee sent in this one of his Uncle Randy from 1976.

Moto Round Up

Our friend up at Chop Shop Cycles in Milford, NH is throwing an open house on Oct. 3rd which is always a good time. Food, bikes and good people - if you’re in the area, try to make it up.
Check out his site and blog:
Site: Blog:

Kemosabe and […]

Sissybar Fabrication: tips and tricks

This thread on the JJ has a bunch of good tips and tricks for building your own sissybar. Get into it.

Bringing it home

Tony John in 1961. Submitted by Jeremy Cupp.

Indian Board Track Racing

Art Deco Motorcycling from Budapest

Árpád checks in from… well, I’m not exactly sure, but it’s definitely not an English speaking country. That - in and of itself - is pretty rad. I love the fact that weirdos from all over the world check in with the crazy 2-wheel death traps they get wind of. So Árpád checks […]

How to Anneal, Harden and Temper Steel

Vintage motorcycle racing in modern times

Motorcycles from Deutschland

Volker checks in with a few flicks of his pal’s flatty and knuckle. That sissy bar looks like a heavy duty impaling tool. The knuckle is dreamy. Dig it.

Ribbed Aluminum Fenders from 7 Metal West

Dan & crew at 7 Metal West just stared putting out these classy Aluminum fenders. They’ve got 3 varieties up for sale -ribbed, ribbed with ducktail end and smooth with ducktail. Good looking pieces, check them out here:

Grab Low


Toronto Motorcycle Super Show 2009

More pics from the archive.

12 Great Lathe Tips

Via vintage Pop Sci. Click for bigger.

Vintage Moto Photo Dump

Wrench Monkees

The Wrench Monkees have a new updated site and it kills it. Go check out their builds:
Wrench Monkees Shop

Make your own metal forge

And if you’re thinking about casting, check out the metal casting book we posted a while back:
Free Metal Casting Book

Ariel Motorcycle Article

Click for bigger.


Drill baby, drill