Krugger’s Overmile


Krugger builds some spectacular bikes and his latest - the Overmile - is no exception. Sharp looks and built to ride mile after mile. 103″ S&S, Baker 6 speed, air ride suspension, Beringer brakes… simple, clean and tons of style. You just want to jump on and ride it across the country.

bikes-2009world-034-a-l.jpg  bikes-2009world-034-c-l.jpg bikes-2009world-034-d-l.jpg   albertalberty392.jpg albertalberty393.jpg albertalberty394.jpg albertalberty396.jpg albertalberty398.jpg albertalberty400.jpg albertalberty409.jpg

2 Responses to “Krugger’s Overmile”

  1. re-Pete says:

    That brake system is f’n WICKED!! So motha f’n CLEAN!!

  2. bassen69 says:

    like those wheels, are they special made for this bike ore is it posible to get them anywhere ?, if would i like to know where

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