Reader Riders: Dan Payne’s XJ900


Between getting ready for the greasebag, finishing the sporty, getting ready for the gypsy run and normal day to day life I’ve slacked on posting reader submissions to the site. Time to fix that situation. Over the next few weeks I’ll be purging my email box and posting up a good chunk of the reader submissions that have come in over the past few months. I may not love the style of every bike I post, but I do love the home built ingenuity and D.I.Y attitude that went into them. Check them out and post up your thoughts in the comments.

This one comes in from Dan Payne:

My name is Dan Payne, I’m a 22 year old welder / fabricator from the east midlands (northants) UK. Been moding bikes since I was 18 how ever this most recent build is my first full ground up build.

The bike in question is a xj900 chop. I started off with a late 80s euro custom frame i found on ebay located in liverpool, anyways i won the frame for next to fuck all picked it up and started building the bike in the winter 2008. The frame was originally built to take a xs1100 motor, which we know was a very popular engine for a chop way back before i was a twinkle in my old mans eye.

I modified the frame to take the xj 900 motor i had laying around, easy! I got a virago 750 rear wheel that went straight in, lovely. However the wheel was ugly as fuck so i lazer cut some discs to cover the factory custom blandness, job done ! The front end consists of harley dyna fork lowers, and suzuki dr600 stantions with harley bushes and the suzuki dr pistons modified to fit the harley lowers by me.

I made the head race bearing housings to take harley bearings, used fxr yokes smoothed down and polished by me. Used a sporster 21″ wheel, and dyna brake calliper with a rear disc on the front (cheap!!!). I made the electrics box, exhausts and all other odds and sods and linkages etc……

Some 16inch apes helped give the old skool look i was after. I re-welded the frame for my peace of mind. I then dry built the whole bike, using my old man’s electrical skills (the man really is a god when it comes to electrics (and building bikes for that matter). Run the bike, stripped it, painted most things with the finest of matt blacks! again for that old skool attitude look. I polished a few bits to break the matt blackness up so it didnt look like a rat bike. I then built the bike back up, and tada done !

The bike took me a year and a half to build due to working stupidly long hours welding and fabricating at a local engineering company, and building a mental 1216 bandit 12 streetfighter that really does go like fuck and wheelies everywhere.

My old man helped loads with the build, lots of good advice as you would expect from an ex National Chopper Club northants member during the early 80s - early 90’s. I remember when i was little, the manic bike building machine he was. No wonder i turned out to be the way i am today !

DSCF0790.JPG xj9chop.JPG DSCF0786.JPG DSCF0783.JPG

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  1. marla Michard says:

    I very recently got hold of a very cool CBR but had a small accident! I tried to slow down with the brake consistently with the front brakes but the wheel almost instantly fell out under from me! I have been on the back of a bike with a friend before who has brought the back wheel into the air by braking hard with the front brake! How did he do it different? Im dumbstruck!

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