Reader Rides: Rob Robinette

Right Gate2.jpg

Between getting ready for the greasebag, finishing the sporty, getting ready for the gypsy run and normal day to day life I’ve slacked on posting reader submissions to the site. Time to fix that situation. Over the next few weeks I’ll be purging my email box and posting up a good chunk of the reader submissions that have come in over the past few months. I may not love the style of every bike I post, but I do love the home built ingenuity and D.I.Y attitude that went into them. Check them out and post up your thoughts in the comments.

Rob Robinette checks in with his 1970 BSA Chopper.
Check the last two images for a write up and spec sheet.

   Rear Gate.jpg RatFink®.jpg Left Gate2.jpg Bulldog Brick1.jpg
Story.jpgTech Sheet.jpg

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