I have no idea what this hunk of scrap was it its previous life, but it’s about to get the slice and dice treatment to turn into something usefule. Hit the read more link to see how I turned this piece of scrap aluminum into a functional piece of bracketry.

Buzz buzz on the chop saw, cut off those ends and square it up. Aluminum is fun to work with. Not having to worry about setting the shop on fire via flying sparks is nice.

Load it into the vice and slice with an angle grinder and some cutting discs.

Rough cut. Couple more cuts with the grinder and the shape should be all set.

After some time with the flap disc, files and sand paper she’s pretty much done. Drilled a few holes so I could attach it to the top motor mount , spray bombed it black so that it would disappear under the tank, stuck some rubber to the underside then mounted the module to it. Done. Turning trash into something functional. This kind of stuff is one of my favorite parts of the build process.

spracket.jpg It’s hard to make out in the picture, but here is the bracket mounted with the module attached. Fades into the rest of the bike pretty well, which was the whole point.

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