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One of the cool things about running this site is I get to hear from small shops and fabricators from all over the world. What’s exciting is that every once in a while these guys come out of seemingly nowhere and blow me out of the water with the quality, design and style of their work. LC Fabrications is a great example of that. I’ve known Jeremy (via email) for a while now and he continues to impress. My introduction to his work came at the 2008 Smoke Out when I was blown away by his modern Triumph, dubbed the TT Deluxe (previously mentioned here: TT Deluxe on Knucklebuster ) - the bike is simply stunning. Jeremy has continued to rock the mic over the past year - finishing 2 complete builds and introducing a bunch of new parts to his product line.

First up is the bike up top - another modern Triumph Bonneville, stripped down, hardtailed and given a dose of So. Cal style. It’s look of simplicity and clean lines is what pops this bike for me. You can read more about the build and it’s specs here, and check out some more pics of it below.

lcfab09_13.jpg lcfab09_5.JPGlcfab09_8.JPGlcfab09_9.JPGlcfab09_12.jpglcfab09_14.jpglcfab09_15.jpglcfab09_16.jpglcfab09_17.jpg

Oh, and if you’ve got a modern Trump that you want to give the hard tail treatment to, LC Fab has got those, so make sure you check them out.


Next up - the Birmingham Bee-liner. All the trick little bits on this one are part of Jeremy’s build signature. That’s a 1967 BSA A65 mated up to a modified 73 OIF trump frame - or I should say GIF. That’s right - the backbone is filled with petrol, not oil. Like I said - trick. What else? The custom fabbed front end and exhaust jump out - but that’s just scraping the surface. You can read more about the build here and check out the pics below for more details.

lcfab09_2.JPG lcfab09_3.JPG  lcfab09_6.JPG

lcfab09_10.JPG lcfab09_19.jpg lcfab09_20.jpg

LC Fabrications just launched their new website (much improved from their last) so go check that out to see more of these builds as well as some of the others they’ve done in the past:

Photos by Bessie Black /

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  2. BadMonkeyMW says:

    Not only does Jeremy build beautiful bikes, but he kicked my ass in the mini bike races at SOX. The guy is multi-talented.

  3. Dan says:

    Just found your website, and spent all last night scouring it. great content! keep it up!

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