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Head down, eyes up.

Flickr Finds: The boy, the mutt and the X

Off to the tent!

Screws & Fasteners 101

Previously posted, but worth revisiting.
Setscew or bolt? Stainless or zinc plate? Technical boffin Mark Haycock gets to grips with screws, bolts and nuts; and advises what you should be using, where and why.
To read the whole article, download the pdf: Screws & Fasteners 101


I have no idea what this hunk of scrap was it its previous life, but it’s about to get the slice and dice treatment to turn into something usefule. Hit the read more link to see how I turned this piece of scrap aluminum into a functional piece of bracketry.

Buzz buzz on the chop saw, […]


Don’t know what they’re making, but whatever it is, it’s cool.


Wall of Parts

Motorcycle Wiring

Baffled with electrics? We go behind the scenes with Ferret, the ‘Messiah of Wire’, for top tips on how to bring your bike’s electrics up to scratch.
WORDS: Ferret PHOTOS: Rod Gibson
Messing with your bike’s electrics is the one subject guaranteed to invoke shivers up the spine of the average biker. Even those of us who […]

Chuck it up


Non-destructive Rust Removal Revisited

Dug this one up out of the archives. Good info for cleaning up those rusty parts.

Bring back the caps

Indian Motorcycle

Yellow Norton Goodness

Sportster Project: She Rides!

With the wife away for the Fourth of July, I headed over to the garage, sleeping bag in tow (my garage is an hour away from my house, but close to work) determined to get the bike on the road by the end of the weekend. Well, 38 hours of wrenching, wiring, painting and sanding […]

Flickr Finds

Cook Customs

Choppa-palooza 2

Guns Up

LC Fabrications

One of the cool things about running this site is I get to hear from small shops and fabricators from all over the world. What’s exciting is that every once in a while these guys come out of seemingly nowhere and blow me out of the water with the quality, design and style of their […]