Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 365

A full year of Smokeout 2008 photos. 365 photos - 1 a day, everyday. Hopefully you’ve dug this photo exhibit - it’s been fun putting it together and wading through all the memories.

I’m not sure what the next photo project will be, but I’m sure there is one around the corner. For the next few weeks, knucklebuster will return to once a day updates, but I’ve got a few ideas, so that may change back to twice a day updates soon.

Pack it up, and move on out - time for the next adventure.

2 Responses to “Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 365”

  1. Milwaukee Crippler says:

    thanks for the year of sick photos! I keep your site in my “daily dose” of tabs that auto-open up when I start my browser…Your posts have been super inspirational from both a bike-building as well as photography perspective (I find myself taking a lot more detail shots now at shows that’s for sure;)…keep up the great work.

  2. twentyDeuce says:

    365 pictures and every single on of them was amazing. I also check here every day and am always amazed at the quality *and quantity* of your pics.

    can’t wait to see what’s next

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