Greasebag Raffle Winners

I know I’ve talked about the amount of swag at the greasebag a couple of times, but it still blows my mind at how much stuff we give away. I had originally thought the value of the swag pile was between $3000 - $3500 - that’s a lot of swag. However, I just did an actual estimate of almost everything we gave away (and I’m pretty sure I forgot a few things) and the final amount came to over $5000.


It’s a little hard for me to wrap my head around that. The generosity of all of the sponsors is unbelievable. None of the sponsors are big corporations with marketing or PR budgets - they’re small businesses and shops (in many cases 1 man shows) who are stepping up to the plate to support the scene and grass root events. It’s because of their donations (and you guys buying raffle tickets) that we can keep the show free for everyone to come to. I know I’ve said it before, but I will continue to say thank you to all of them. Their generosity and involvement gets me real stoked on the community that we have going on. In an industry that can be full of sketchy and shady bullshit, its awesome to be surrounded by stand up dudes (and gals) who are putting out quality products and supporting the community at the same time. So thank you to all the sponsors and please make sure to check out their websites and support their businesses. These guys are helping keep the scene alive in all the right ways, if you’ve got a few dollars to spend, give them the support back. (full sponsor list on

As for the actual raffle - man, that shit was nuts. The amount of big prizes was unreal and the number of t-shirts was insane. I remember looking down at the swag table in the middle of the day and it was still full. That’s when I started giving away multiple prize packs - 5 shirts at a time became the norm towards the end, some folks walked away with whole new wardrobes. There was a lot of stuff I really didn’t want to part with (the helmet, seat, oil tank, grips, saddle bags, tail light, striped panel, paint discounts…I could go on) but to be honest, it did feel good to give that stuff to folks who were genuinely excited about it and would put it to good use. 70+ winning tickets were pulled when all was said and done. There were quite a few people who won multiple times which just goes to show you - the more tickets you buy and the earlier you buy them, the better your chances are. HR continues her 3 year streak of winning big, which also goes to show you that a little luck goes a long way (although all the tickets she bought really helped her chances).

As with every other aspect of the Greasebag - this was the best raffle in greasebag history. The bar was set real high this year, looks like I’m going to have to hustle twice as hard next year to raise it again.

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