Greasebag Bike Show Winners

The turn out for the bike show this year was incredible. A total of 33 bikes entered and the competition was pretty stiff. As I explained at the show, the judging rules are pretty simple: my favorite 12 bikes got a trophy. No classes, no people’s choice, no judges panels or other bullshit - my favorite bikes win, end of story. Picking the 12 this year was definitely harder than in the past just because the quality and character of the bikes keeps going up - that, in and of itself gets me stoked and psyched up to do it next year. Without further delay, the winners of this year’s Greasebag Jamboree Bike Show:

Comp 06
Dave Schlitter • 1970 Triumph TR6C • Trophy Sponsor: Acme Choppers

Comp 02
Bob Caiado • 1948 HD EL • Trophy Sponsor: Chop Shop
Comp 04
Chris Bernardi • 1956 Triton • Trophy Sponsor: Lowbrow Customs

Comp 01
John Mansun • 1973 Honda CB450 • Trophy Sponsor: Kickstart Cycles

Comp 03
Lock Baker • Speed Fetus • Trophy Sponsor: Cycle Source Magazine

Comp 05
Clark Perry • 1968 Triumph Bonneville • Trophy Sponsor: Licks Cycles

Comp 07
Chris Balan • 2002 Sportster • Trophy Sponsor: Troy Fab

Comp 08
Rob Merrill • 1979 Yamaha XS650 • Trophy Sponsor: 47 Industries

Comp 09
Krazy Karl • 1950 HD Panhead • Trophy Sponsor: Limpnickie Lot

Comp 10
Brian Haskell • 2002 HD Softail • Trophy Sponsor: Biker Radio Magazine

Comp 11
John Donahue • 2009 Acme Choppers XS650 • Trophy Sponsor: Tanks By Tigman

Comp 12
Nate Burke • 1993 Sportster 883 • Trophy Sponsor: E-Fab

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