Swissmike’s Trump

Swissmike on the JJ has a rad bike. Here’s some info:

It’s been a 3 year journey to get to this point. I bought a pretty sad looking 68 bonneville chop rolling basket case. Upon closer inspection I decided to junk everything except the motor, frame, frontend and hubs.

The cases had chain damge and were replaced with a set of nice ‘67 cases which came without any hardware, which turned out to be a bitch because most of the hardware changed from ‘67 to ‘68.
The late style head was rebuilt by MAP, countryside cycle installed and sized the cam bushings.

All bearings were replaced throughout and the frontend completely rebuilt.
I shortened and rethread the fork tubes 1″. New rims (stock 19″ front and 16″ rear were laced with stainless Buchanan spokes on a homemade truing stand built out of 2×4 pieces.

I machined the oil tank, engine plates, headlight bracket and fabricated most all of the parts and brackets on the bike.
The taillight lens started out as a truck cab marker light, for which I built a bezel and the interior bulb holder.

The fender is an aluminum aftermarket ebay item.

The electircal system consists of a Sparx regulator /rectifier/capacitor with a Boyer electronic ignition module and a 2.2Ah gel battery to make starting easier.

I “untunnelled” the Wassel tank slightly to make it sit level and added new outlets.
The paint was my first attempt at a flake job. It took me two tries to get it right (it helps to read the label on the bottle before using reducer instead of hardener…).
Pinstriping was done by local talent Anthony White.


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