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Troy Fab’n

Steve working on the tank for my sporty project.

Tools of the trade

Getting suited up.

Cool Breaker 2009

Couple shots from the 2009 Cool Breaker posted to Flickr by Dan, webmaster over at Biker Radio Magazine.

A-Team at the Greasebag

Choppahead brought the A-Team van to the Greasebag and brought on the smoke shows. That was only the beginning of the jackassery.

Crusty Flathead

Ace Cafe - Hotrod Night - Spring Riot 2009 - Photo by Roka Kustom Kulture

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 365

A full year of Smokeout 2008 photos. 365 photos - 1 a day, everyday. Hopefully you’ve dug this photo exhibit - it’s been fun putting it together and wading through all the memories.
I’m not sure what the next photo project will be, but I’m sure there is one around the corner. For the next […]

Greasebag Raffle Winners

I know I’ve talked about the amount of swag at the greasebag a couple of times, but it still blows my mind at how much stuff we give away. I had originally thought the value of the swag pile was between $3000 - $3500 - that’s a lot of swag. However, I just did an […]

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 364

Greasebag Bike Show Winners

The turn out for the bike show this year was incredible. A total of 33 bikes entered and the competition was pretty stiff. As I explained at the show, the judging rules are pretty simple: my favorite 12 bikes got a trophy. No classes, no people’s choice, no judges panels or other bullshit - my […]

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 363

Swissmike’s Trump

Swissmike on the JJ has a rad bike. Here’s some info:
It’s been a 3 year journey to get to this point. I bought a pretty sad looking 68 bonneville chop rolling basket case. Upon closer inspection I decided to junk everything except the motor, frame, frontend and hubs.
The cases had chain damge and were replaced […]

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 362

Flickr Finds: XS650

Killer little XS650 Chop - really dig the lines on it. Can’t remember exactly where I found this, but if it belongs to you, post in the comments.

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 361

Choppahead Party Tomorrow!

Be there! Good times and jackassery guaranteed!

Tools of the trade

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 360

Copper Heat Shield

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 359