Greasebag Swag: 47 Industries

47 Industries is one of the new greasebag sponsors this year and they don’t disappoint with their bitchin’ swag bag. Shirts, stickers and my favorite bit - axle plates! What kind of douche gets stoked on axle plates? That would be me - and hopefully you too since the show is all about celebrating the home builders and gearheads. Builder parts are my absolute favorite thing to give away because it gets right to the core about what the greasebag (and knucklebuster) are about - building.

As for 47 Industries… Mike (who runs the joint) is a wizard fabricator. If you need any kind of metal work, definitely put him on the list of folks to call, especially if you’re in the NY/NJ area. I know he’s expanding his product line as we speak, but he also makes lots of killer one-off bits, does all kinds of welding and is just an all around rad dude. Many thanks to him for helping out with the greasebag this year.

Check him out at

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