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Brits in the midst

Steve at sent these lovelies in. Lovely.

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 340


Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 339

Choppahead Vol 3

The new Choppahead DVD is about to be unleashed on the world, and if the trailer is any indication, shit just got crazier. Knucklebuster is stoked to be a part of the DVD release festivities by hosting the world premiere screening at the Greasebag on June 13. Just in case you needed another reason to […]

Greasebag Swag: LC Fabrications

Jeremy at LC Fabrications checks in with some serious parts for give away. Some of my favorite stuff yet. Jeremy is the guy that built the infamous Panster, as well as the TT Deluxe - both killer - and his custom parts fall in line with that same level of smart design and high quality. […]

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 338

It’s not just Bratstyle

We need a better term than “Brat Style” to call these style of bikes because it’s not just those guys that are building killer examples of these Japanese road bombers. Case in point: Crazy Orange - their bikes are the sweetness. Check em out: Crazy Orange

Greasebag Swag: American Icon

Andy at American Icon is a ruler. He tells me he’s going to send me a couple of shirts… so I figure 2, maybe three… not a dozen, plus a huge pile of stickers. Thanks to Andy and crew for the pile of killer designs.
If you’re looking for some slick new threads check out […]

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 337

Bareknuckle Choppers


Paul Peters from the Netherlands made by day when he sent this looker in. Beaut of a bike and you don’t have to be a god-fearing man (I am not) to appreciate that paint job.

Greasebag Swag: 47 Industries

47 Industries is one of the new greasebag sponsors this year and they don’t disappoint with their bitchin’ swag bag. Shirts, stickers and my favorite bit - axle plates! What kind of douche gets stoked on axle plates? That would be me - and hopefully you too since the show is all about celebrating the […]

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 336


Those specs are off the hizzy.

Greasebag Swag: Cro Customs

Last year Caleb at Cro Customs sent over a HUGE pile of shirts to give away, and this year he’s done it again. Tons of shirts, tons of stickers - stoked. We’ll be doling out some fine threads this year at the greasebag. Many thanks to Caleb for the swag - make sure you check […]

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 335

Slick stripes

@ Choppahead

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 334

Norton in Toronto

The vintage section of the super show was brilliant.

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 333