Sportster Project: Photo Dump Update

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project
Playing make believe

My desire to get rubber on the road is driving me into a Denethor type of madness. The weather taunts me from outside my office window - vivid memories of last years incessant rain reminding me of how fleeting the good weather lasts around these parts. Onward we go - heave ho!

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First up - chop that pully cover!

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project

Process = Paper pattern >> trace >> butcher with available hand tools >> bring to Steve’s to fix the mistakes with the mill:

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project

Yeah boooyyyy! That’s a Knucklebuster - Troy Fab collab right there. Brilliant.

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project

Key Mount Excitement!
Process: Take some scrap and cut, grind, bend and drill into shape >> Jig it up to the battery box with handy magnets >> MIG away >> schmear with evercoat >> ready for paint:


Hard to contain your excitement I know. But it went smoothly and without major incident, which has been rare on this project, so there was much rejoicing. Nexxxxxttt!


It’s really a beautiful thing. Crap photo - need to get outside to take proper pics. Soon my pretties, soon.

Lots of other little things have been done that I didn’t take photos of, or I did, but they’re a bit of a snore fest. Do you really want to see what aircraft remover looks like as it’s applied to the rear fender? Exactly. Got my wheels back from Choppahead - the powdercoat is beautiful - splendid indeed. Gave those the blue tape treatment so I don’t botch em up. Got my fork lowers back from Vishous - top notch as well. Hit those with the scotchbrite. The path ahead seems long, but only because I want to be at the end so bad. Lots of little things left to do - calling in some reinforcements over the next 2 weekends, so hopefully that will help speed things along - anyone wanna come buy and help button her up?

Here’s where we’re at - very loosely mocked up:

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project

Blue taped wheels are the new white wall.

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project

Actually looks like a motorbike

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project


8 Responses to “Sportster Project: Photo Dump Update”

  1. Mad River says:

    this thing is more awesome than awesome - really really can’t believe how sweet that cam cover came out…

  2. Mad River Motor Company says:

    cam cover?!?

    sprocket cover

    dude, stay away from the wack tabac

    it hasn;’t finished with me yet

  3. mark m says:

    I’ve been following your blog for almost a year and was super excited to see you putting this bike together. My OL Jenni Bender said she was talking to an old friend on facebook and it turns out to be you, blew my mind what a small world it is. Looking forward to seeing this finished up. How much did the leather work on the seat cost you? Looks rad!

  4. -J- says:

    After getting off the phone with you i had to get online and check this bike out. looking pretty sweet! i look forward to lending a hand next sunday. later

  5. dog says:

    I’m eager to see how this turns out, looks killer so far. I’d also like to hear your reasoning on not using the alien tank.

  6. grail21 says:

    The reason I went with the sporty tank was out of practicality. On the bike I thought both tanks looked equally as good, but I could get more gas in the Sporty tank (after giving it the Frisco treatment). My daily commute is 90 miles round trip and I’m hoping those extra drops of gas will allow me to only have to gas up once a day. We’ll see if that’s reality, but that’s the theory I’m going with at this point.

  7. grail21 says:

    You take care of my girl there - Jenny is the bomb. Don’t eff it up!
    Thanks for the support of the site - drop tony at Hidecore a line for more info on the seat - he rocks and is super easy to work with.

  8. Shaun says:

    Wow… this bike is starting to look alot like mine. Same rear end(fender, struts, taillight), same bars(even made by Jay), and I narrowed and friscoed my tank. Crazy coincidence. It looks awesome. I like the sporty tank better. I’m changing up my rear end. Cutting the struts all the way off and taking off a little more of the fender. That taillight is a p.o.s. Mine lasted about 3k miles, but at $30 you can buy another. Looks killer though.

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