Sportster Project: Photo Dump Update

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project
Playing make believe

My desire to get rubber on the road is driving me into a Denethor type of madness. The weather taunts me from outside my office window - vivid memories of last years incessant rain reminding me of how fleeting the good weather lasts around these parts. Onward we go - heave ho!

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First up - chop that pully cover!

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project

Process = Paper pattern >> trace >> butcher with available hand tools >> bring to Steve’s to fix the mistakes with the mill:

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project

Yeah boooyyyy! That’s a Knucklebuster - Troy Fab collab right there. Brilliant.

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project

Key Mount Excitement!
Process: Take some scrap and cut, grind, bend and drill into shape >> Jig it up to the battery box with handy magnets >> MIG away >> schmear with evercoat >> ready for paint:


Hard to contain your excitement I know. But it went smoothly and without major incident, which has been rare on this project, so there was much rejoicing. Nexxxxxttt!


It’s really a beautiful thing. Crap photo - need to get outside to take proper pics. Soon my pretties, soon.

Lots of other little things have been done that I didn’t take photos of, or I did, but they’re a bit of a snore fest. Do you really want to see what aircraft remover looks like as it’s applied to the rear fender? Exactly. Got my wheels back from Choppahead - the powdercoat is beautiful - splendid indeed. Gave those the blue tape treatment so I don’t botch em up. Got my fork lowers back from Vishous - top notch as well. Hit those with the scotchbrite. The path ahead seems long, but only because I want to be at the end so bad. Lots of little things left to do - calling in some reinforcements over the next 2 weekends, so hopefully that will help speed things along - anyone wanna come buy and help button her up?

Here’s where we’re at - very loosely mocked up:

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project

Blue taped wheels are the new white wall.

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project

Actually looks like a motorbike

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project

Bratstyle Sportster Chopper Project


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