Sportster Project: Days 6, 7 & 8 - Part 2

Weekendupdate 2 -101-2
When we last left off, had my wheels off and ready to powdercoat and my tank needed to get the Frisco treatment. First stop: the land of 40oz, midgets and jackassery - Choppahead (oh, they build some pretty sweet bikes too). The CH dudes got some new digs, so I took the camera out for a few shots. Lots of cool builds going on, I’ll post more of those pics another time - but hit the read more link below for a few shots.

Weekendupdate 2 -100

Weekendupdate 2 -102-1
Weekendupdate 2 -103
Dropped off the wheels and hung around the shop for a bit to shoot the shit with Jay. Those guys have a ton of cool shit going on - can’t wait to see all the bikes finished up. After that it was time to bust out and head over to see Steve at Troy Fab.
Weekendupdate 2 -105
So seriously…. cleanest shop ever? Place was immaculate and full of all the toys that make a gearhead drool… but back to the task at hand. I had mentioned to Steve that I wanted to lower the tunnel on my Sporty tank and he responded with “Never done that before, come down, we’ll figure it out together.” Hell yes - count me in. The driving force behind the tunnel change was less about aesthetics and more about the extra drops of gas I could get in the tank. They’ll come in handy on my 90 mile round trip commute to work. Lovely… enough talk, let’s get it done…

Weekendupdate 2 -104
Weekendupdate 2 -106
Grind, grind, chop chop.

Weekendupdate 2 -107
Tunnel gone - buttery goodness inside.
Weekendupdate 2 -108
Zip, zoom, weeee!
Weekendupdate 2 -109

Weekendupdate 2 -110Putting things back together is always harder than taking them apart.
Weekendupdate 2 -111
A number of hours later she’s ready for a pressure test. Found a few holes and fixed ‘em up right quick. For the record - I wasn’t just a camera jockey on this one. No doubt - Steve did the bulk of the work and all the heavy thinking but I did get in there and do some welding of my own. It’s pretty easy to tell which welds are mine (the ugly beads), but they held up to the pressure test, so that’s good by me. Some Evercoat will fix the ugly part.

Solid day of progress and once again, I learned a lot. Steve is a real good teacher - super patient even in the face of my sub-par welding skills. Many thanks to him, make sure to check out his site and support his biz: Troy Fabrication. Steve is a wiz on the mill and lathe, so make sure to drop him a line if you need anything like that.
Weekendupdate 2 -112
Really digging how the tank sits and works with the bars. Got the pipes from Hatch - temporary until I have some time to use the Biltwell kit and make my own - these fit nicely for now. Have to figure out a new air cleaner setup - I was going to use the S&S teardrop that came with the bike, but there’s not enough clearance for it with the pipes. That’s probably for the best anyway, the teardrop was a bit honking for this bike anyway.

Weekendupdate 2 -113
Willy approves

4 Responses to “Sportster Project: Days 6, 7 & 8 - Part 2”

  1. Kiefer says:

    This thing is sick. Definately got the tokyo street bomber look goin on. Ive been following the build and was phsyced to see some new pictures. All the craftsmanship is amazing! Keep up the good work.

  2. Mad River says:

    Updates Updates Updates!

    Been waiting on some updates

    thought I had my turnsignal prblem fixed but damn manufacturer ran out of supply so its gonna be a while

    kid, yer not even going to recognize the X except of course that it looks the same but not to me, to me, it’s getting there - was out on the road, bad wheel bearings and all, yesterday

    stopped by and peeped a sick 1949 velocette (another garage you’ve got to get into)

    maybe I’ll be bringing a bike to this yr’s greasebag though some part of me thinks fat yups like me need minivans to keep our cred

  3. Jeff says:

    That’s it? This project dead, or have you just stopped sharing?
    c’mon man… I need something to look at while I wait for my parts to arrive! :)

  4. grail21 says:

    Here’s the last thing I posted about it:

    I’ve done a few other things and will probably make some more changes before the spring (time willing). But she is a solid runner and got some great miles on her last year.

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