Sportster Project: Days 6, 7 & 8 - Part 1

Sportster Day1-101-1
Between working on the Greasebag, my regular work schedule and family life I’m getting behind on reporting on the Sportster progress. A ton of progress has been made in the last week so this incomplete photo and brain dump will have to suffice to get things back on track. (Pic above is of the bike before this all began.)

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I’ve posted a photo of Jay Roche - aka the Wizard - working his magic on the handlebars for the bike. Here’s a few more of the man at work… and of course the final product.

Spypics-102Spypics-104Spypics-103-1Spypics-105Spypics-100Spypics-106Weekendupdate 1 -106Weekendupdate 1 -108

Stoked to say the least. These photos don’t do the bars justice, they’re just quick pics I grabbed on my way out of the shop door. Hanging out with Jay for the day was rad - dude is a wealth of knowledge, and I learned a lot just hanging out, taking pictures, watching him work and shooting the shit. His metal working skills are well documented across the internets - I knew before hand I was going to get a killer set of bars, what I wasn’t expecting was how much I was going to learn by just watching him work and bullshitting. Good times, killer bars, super stoked. Make sure to check out his site:

Next up was getting the bike lowered, removing the wheels and mocking up some of the parts I had got in the mail. Chris came over to give me a hand with the lowering and wheel removal. Dude is lightning quick - especially when compared to my molasses like pace - his help saved me a lot of time that day. I had the rear shocks already done when he got there, we got the fronts done, then took this pic.

Weekendupdate 1 -103

Not too bad, starting to come together now. Yes, I’m going with the sporty tank - more on that later. Next up was getting the wheels and forks lowers off. Wheels were heading down to Choppahead for powdercoating, fork lowers over to Vishous for a shave. This was done in no time thanks to the help from Chris. Again, I learned a lot just in the couple hours we worked on this stuff. I had never removed lowers before, or totally disassembled a wheel and it’s always cool to do something you’ve never done before. Many thanks to Chris for the tremendous amount of help.

Chris left, I made a run to the hardware store for some supplies and then returned to my snail’s pace to get a few other things done:

Weekendupdate 1 -113Weekendupdate 1 -111Weekendupdate 1 -109Weekendupdate 1 -101

Finished rounding off the fender support rails (gratuitous sparks flying shot), shaved down the master cylinder perch, devised a mount for switches (that totally failed), mounted my front turn signals (which I’m not really digging) and mounted my tail light (which I think needs to be moved back about half an inch). Yep, a lot of stuff I need to go back and redo - but sometimes you gotta see something to be convinced it’s not good. Live and learn - I’m not sweating it. By the end of the day, here’s what she looked like:

Weekendupdate 1 -100
Smashing… next up, a trip to Choppahead and then over to Troy Fab to lower the tunnel on the sporty tank….

A couple bonus shots? How bout these
Weekendupdate 1 -114 Seat

One of the freelancers who works for me gave me the grips. He got them with a pair of shoes and had no use for them. He knew I was “kinda into bikes” and asked if I wanted them - absolutely. The grips are rad, and in return I pointed him to Max’s blog which he hadn’t stumbled on yet.
Second pic is the sketch Tony at Hidecore sent me of the seat he’s working on. Psyched? Way affirmative boss - way psyched. I’ve since seen the first pass at tooling, and I’m even happier about it. That pic will have to wait till next time.

11 Responses to “Sportster Project: Days 6, 7 & 8 - Part 1”

  1. soulfur says:

    dude dont be afraid of the dildo shaped turn signals - they rule

  2. grail21 says:

    no… they emphatically do not rule unless discussed from a purely economic standpoint… and even then, that’s debatable.

  3. soulfur says:

    that’s true but you’re killing the low budget sporty right now so I have the moral obligation to try and fuck it up at least to get a raised eyebrow out of you

    truth is:
    sporty tank right scale on an evo sporty- check
    *tough thing to to do - a turd can look good on an ironhead but getting the dimensions right on an evo must have taken a lot of tanks*
    the fender angle looks right with the struts
    the bars are, well you know this already, they’re fucking awesome
    you’re grips are the vans grips - they came as a prize - like the shoebox equivalent of some crackerjacks - awesome

    the seat looks beautiful and it’s cooler that’s its your work expressed by someone else.

    so yeah, have said that “Viva La Dildo Shaped Turnsignals!”

  4. soulfur says:

  5. dog says:

    I’ve got my front signals mounted to the downtubes and it looks really good — you don’t really need more stuff on the forks but chucking signals altogether is not a great idea. Mine are mounted right above the horn but I’ve also seen them mounted at the bottom of the downtubes and it also looks good. Here’s an example from Bratstyle:

  6. grail21 says:

    Dog - Funny you should mention that - that bratstyle setup, and the ones done by Hide Motorcyle (which are similar) are exactly what I was looking at for inspiration. I’m going to order up some standard mini-bullets, paint them black and give it a shot.

  7. soulfur says:

    if that works, let me know - I took the X apart again - another attempt at making it cool is underway - if a way to avoid the dildos can be devised, I’m there

  8. Mar River Motor Company says:

    Ace agreed with you so whole heartedly, I feel ashamed. She said she was just waiting “for me to wake the fuck up” to how stupid those dildos looked. She thanks you. I’ve seen the rpogress pics of your sportster. I’m just pissed because that thing is going to rule and I’ll still have a bike pretty much ready to stimulate at least four women at once…

  9. grail21 says:

    jireh has cheap bullet turn signals - $4.95 a pop, you can redeem yourself for less than $20

  10. Mad River Motor Company says:

    Every once in a while I am reminded tradition means its worked before

  11. cm13 says:

    what’s the difference between an Evo sporty tank and an ironhead sporty tank ? legit question I’ve only had bigger H-D’s

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