Sportster Project: Day 5

I’m waiting for a bunch of parts to arrive, so the weekend wrench session was a bit uneventful. Top of of the list was fixing my seatpan cutting mishap. I cut the seat pan too short, but had a piece big enough to make everything work again.

JB Welded the 2 pieces together. With the amount of JB Weld I used, it might have been fine just like this. It was pretty solid, but I didn’t trust it. I was only using the JB as “glue” to make the fiberglass repair easier…

Mix…. apply… wait….

So while that was drying, I did some boring shit like cleaning the pully cover and loosening some more frozen bolts - at least when parts do come in, tear down will be super quick. While I was waiting, I figured I’d test out some paint…
This is some of that WalMart spray flake from the craft section. Shit goes on weird, the coverage is spotty, but with enough of it, starts to look pretty good. This is a full can (!) - to get solid coverage on a tank & fender I would guess you would need 6-9 cans. If I were to do it again, I’d spray it over a base color of yellow or orange instead of gray primer. That would help with the final look a bit. All that said - I won’t be using it on this build - I really just wanted to check it out for myself. I still haven’t made up my mind about paint…

Time for the other side - smells delicious.

Finally dry… traced the pattern on the pan… chop chop with the grinder and a file… and finally…

All fixed and ready to go. Sent the pan out to Tony at Hidecore to get the treatment. Exciting I know, but one more thing knocked off the list. Parts should be in this week, and with that should come a more dramatic change.

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  1. Mar River Motor Company says:

    You can practice paint on some ripe tins I’m pulling - nice midwestern stylings that wouldn’t mind the coverage

  2. grail21 says:

    what are these tins you speak of? I’ve got some punk rock knarly pollack inspired stylings I can throw at it to test.

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