The 1994 Sportster Project

As I mentioned previously, one of the projects I was looking at getting into this year was a mid-to late 90s Sportster that I wanted to give the modern japanese / bratstyle treatment to. So a few weeks back I scored a ‘94 1200 for a reasonable number of greenbacks, and this past Sunday, I was finally able to tear into it….

I started with this - your typical bone stock Sportster 1200 with bolt on, catalog tomfoolery. Overall, not too bad - plenty of reusable / hack-worthy bits. Time to get to work.

1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle

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Step one… surprising how long it will take to tear this shit off when you’re dealing with a lot of frozen bolts.1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle

Then some hacking of the fender and support rails…
1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle

and voila… ahhh…we’re doing a bit better
1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle

While I was at it, I started shredding the seat. I’ll cut of the pan and send it out to get recovered.

1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle
Still a lot more foam to hack off, but it’s getting there.

1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle

Before I took off for the the day, I figured I’d try out some tanks. After trying out a wassell, a sprint and a mustang tank, I ended up with Teach’s axed / alien. I’ve got one more tank I’m going to try, But I’d say I’m 95% sure this is the one that’s going to take it.

Still a lot more to do. The shocks on the bike I had laying around the shop, they’ll get replaced with a set of 11″ progressives, which will help kill some of the space between the fender and the tire. It’ll get some shorter progressives in the front as well. Bars from Jay Roche (Special 79), seat from Hidecore, hacked up sprocket & cam cover, smoothed out rockers. Lots of other little things and details, but for now, here are a few more gratuitous shots.

1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle1994 Sportster Chopper Bobber Bratstyle

16 Responses to “The 1994 Sportster Project”

  1. f-stop says:

    Amazing how much better it looks just by taking OFF stuff! Love the tank, BTW. I think that’s IT.

  2. dog says:

    That does look good. The small peanut tank also looks really good on this style bike, the main thing is uncovering the engine so it can be seen.

  3. Re-Pete says:

    Nice work mate. That’s what makes a bike look good to me. Less stuff more attitude, that’s my motto.

  4. soulfur says:

    seriously must come to your garage this week - school vacation has really mellowed my mellow

  5. soulfur says:

    don’t say no to the rapido!

  6. grail21 says:

    I tried the rapido. looked weird, didn’t fit the lines of the bike.

  7. soulfur says:

    I think I just like the sound of the word Rapido

  8. soulfur says:

    I do have an Evo 2 into 1 sitting in the garage if you’re interested in hacking it into pipes

  9. grail21 says:

    reaaaalllly. Yes, definitely interested. I just got hooked up on a nice set of pipes to use for the time being, until I had time to fab up some of my own. My initial thought was to build a 2 into 1, so yeah, would like to see what you have.

  10. grail21 says:

    oh… are you coming to the garage this weekend?

  11. soulfur says:

    I’m trying to - I supposed to take the X out to tigman to have some frame bits bent right and a nice woody battery box - If I do that, I’m sticking around the 617/781/978 and stopping by - if not, Ace will have me up north polyurethaning pine floors (which bytheway for 1.39 a square foot are the best fucking flooring deal ever) - regardless, the 2 into 1 is boxed in the garage - hit me the address in an email and I’ll drop it by the abode - I was going to use it but drilled out some baffles instead (I’d like the cooling/power effect of 2 into 1 scavenging) and really, after scoring one of the few 21″ factory X wheels and fender combos, have been told by the Ace I must stop - she likes it as is - which means I might not be afraid to start collecting soon for that wl project I’ve always dreamed of…

  12. soulfur says:

    We got to get you out to that joint in Lynn - sent you a pic of it, serious gems and maybe, if you can convince him, some gem parts for the sporty

  13. Isgro says:

    Looks good Grail.

  14. paul says:

    Hi matey,
    I too have a sportster, and an alien egg tank, like bratstyle (see my sr400 on but do you have any pics of the left hand side,,,,like to see what you did with the electric wires that run down that side.

  15. grail21 says:

    Paul - you can see all the updates on this project here:

  16. Rowdy says:

    Any Updates on the 94 sportster project? I picked up a 1993 XLH for this exact type of build. It will be my first bike build. Id love to see where you went with this project. Is it around somewhere and I’m just missing it?
    Cheers, Rowdy

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