Knucklebuster Update

There have been a couple comments & emails about the site turning mostly into a photo blog lately - I’m guessing those who have made the comments haven’t read the game plan for 2009 that I posted in January. If you haven’t checked it out or need a refresher on what lies ahead, go read this: 2009 Knucklebuster Game Plan

That said, reader submissions will start to make their way back to the site by the end of the month. Collecting, formatting and preparing reader submissions takes a lot longer than photo posts and time is in short supply right now, so keep that in mind. If you send something in and it doesn’t get posted for a month or 2 ( or 8 ) don’t take it to heart, it mostly means I’m way too busy to deal with it.

I realize that some folks are unhappy about the shift in direction for 2009 and miss the tech documents, interviews, bike features, etc. There is a part of me that misses spending the time on collecting, writing, & posting that stuff, but as I explained in January, I have different priorities this year (as well as projects outside of the world of motorcycles) and less time to work on the time intensive content. I appreciate the support from everyone emailing saying how much they’re digging the site, and the increase in web traffic over the past month (with zero promotion from my end) indicates to me that folks are jiving with the changes. For those of you who don’t dig the new direction for ‘09 - there are plenty of affordable web hosting companies out there that you can use to start your own website and build it exactly how your want.

10 Responses to “Knucklebuster Update”

  1. Nate says:

    I hate reading..hell I hate this post cuz I had to read it..More pics please!

  2. Johan Urban says:

    Really dig your blog, text or no text, I dig it any old way!

  3. Johan Urban says:

    And, by the way, your pictures are´nt just any old pictures either, they´re great!

  4. Ben Christensen says:

    Doing fine, bro. Don’t worry about would-be ballbusters. Bullshit.

  5. Joel says:

    this site kills, period.

  6. Murrow says:

    Gotta agree with Urban: You are an artist with a camera!!! Less I gotta read more time I can spend with a beer!

  7. Ole says:

    Dang skippy. You’re good with a camera. Ain’t too bad with words either. Keep it up Man. The faith is safe with you.

  8. kim scholer says:

    I was an unpaid editor of a small motorcycle club mag (36 pages 5 times a year, circulation 2,000) and I know exactly how much work goes into doing stuff like this. Yeah, I miss all the written bits too, but you do this work in your spare time, so relax about knucklebusterinc for a while and do something else while recharging the batteries. If you come back strong fine, if not I’ll just enjoy the pics and be glad for what I got before they took over. Ride safe…..

  9. BadMonkeyMW says:

    Keep doing it your way, Grail. The site is good and it’s your efforts that make it that way.

  10. Juan says:

    This place is a daily stop for me, keep rockin!

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