1968 FL Generator Shovelhead Chopper

136C 3

Ripped these pics of this killer Shovelhead from Arizona off of ebay. Maybe you’ve seen it before… now you can enjoy it again. 100% ass kicker - dig it.

20C5 31515 3E175 30E31 322Ed 3112F 34409 3B351 3Ee2B 3Ef1F 3Bf4D 120Bbd 30Cec 30D6A 36B4D 334B3 3097B 3467B 34248 3E2F1 3

8 Responses to “1968 FL Generator Shovelhead Chopper”

  1. Captain Harley says:

    Super clean scoot, ‘but’ front brakes sure do come in handy if you do much riding. Love those “slab-side” Shovels………

  2. GAMBLER says:

    Chorro builds some disgustingly sik bikes

    my favorite was his blue pan, he has the eye for it!

  3. jason says:

    Hey, that was built by Jeremiah Armenta “Love Cycles”…stand up Dude!!!!!

  4. jason says:

    yeah jeremiah armenta is the man!! he just opened “love cycles”
    stand up dude!

  5. jason says:

    oops sorry browser crashed

  6. Ryan says:

    That’s my old bike

  7. Miami Chopper Shop says:

    Perfect scoot for my shop!!! Beautiful

  8. Natas1979 says:

    My buddy Jazi bought that thing. Hes still got it and its running strong. One of Loves Cycles earlier bikes. Damn good looking scoot

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