A Gas Tank “Thing”

Prismgastank 3 01-1
I have a “thing” for gas tanks - I know a lot of you have the same “thing”. I won’t go as far as calling it a fetish, cuz that just sounds totally fucked, and really - if this “thing” HAS stepped over that line into fetish land, I’d rather live in denial and ignorance. Life is easier that way sometimes. Moving on… here’s a small collection of photos I’ve collected over time of some cool tanks that have caught my eye. If you have the same affliction, you’ll enjoy it thoroughly - click read more to see all the tank-y goodness.

Alloy BritishtankAluminumbrittank 01Customsportster 03 01Hipoint Aluminumtank 01-1Amen Ribbedtank 01Hd Rl Dl Tanks 03Honda Dream Tank 03Indian Chief 1930 Gastank 01Wassell 02 06Husqvarnatank 01Indianwarrior 01-1Lyta Bsagoldstar Aluminum Tank 01Indianwarrior 06Nortoncommando 02Schshercules125 01

Want more? Don’t forget the wild paint post from earlier this year: click here.

A couple custom tanks from our pal Jason McRoche, check his blog here: Special ‘79
Img 3824Img 3731Img 3596

8 Responses to “A Gas Tank “Thing””

  1. marten larsson says:

    i´m from sweden,
    i have a triumph pre-unit
    chopper and i want to buy a
    prisma tank from u!!!!

  2. R Marino says:

    I see you have a what looks like a coffin tank with a deep tunnel. Is it for sale , if so , How much.

  3. grail21 says:

    For the record, I don’t own these tanks, they’re just tanks I found pics of.

  4. Igneus Mucro says:

    I know just what you mean. . . for a chopper, bobber or cafe bike, the tank makes the bike. I have a prism tank very similar to your top image on my 60s chopper — I spent almost a year looking for it.

    It gets so much attention, I’m afraid I’ll come back to find jizz on it one of these days,

  5. Ken Kammerer says:

    To A Gas Tank “Thing” The 3 gallon aluminum Hi Point really brings back some memories. In 1974 the old man bought a Husqvarna CR400. The bike could pull tree stumps. He turned into a woods racer and rode enduros with it. We installed a wide ratio transmission, spark arrestor, lights to give the appearance of being street legal and the Hi Point tank. On the side of the tank was a Husqvarna sticker 1″ wide and 8″ long. The letters lemon yellow on a indigo orange background. The bike really looked trick, but that tank topped it off!

  6. bagus says:

    how much gas tanks honda dream??
    please direct reply to my email

  7. Fox says:

    I want that Indian tank for my wall of cool s@#t!!!!

  8. Fox says:

    The split chief tank to be exact…. lol…..

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