2003 Triumph America For Sale


2003 Triumph America Black with silver scallops - 10,000 miles - free & clear title.

Bike rides great, is super comfortable, and has tons of aftermarket upgrades,
here’s the full list:

• D+D Megaphone Pipes ($540 Upgrade)
• Keihin CR Racing Carburetors Kit ($725 upgrade)
• Chome Sprocket Cover ($125 Upgrade)
• Chrome Passenger Peg Mounts ($160 Upgrade)
• Chrome Chain Guard ($90 Upgrade)
• Rocket Shifter ($240 Upgrade)
• Kurykan ISO Grips ($80 Upgrade)
• Lifter Arm Chrome Cover ( $50 Upgrade)
• Your choice of stock seat or gunslinger seat (Gunfighter seat is a $265 upgrade)

Performance Tuning:
• Air Injection removal
• Bike has been professionally tuned to work with the upgraded carbs & pipes. Sounds great with TONS of power.

Over $2300 in upgrades
Blue Book value is $5000 WITHOUT all the upgrades (over $7000 value with all the upgrades)
My price: $3500
Why so cheap? The bike took a minor fall and has some cosmetic damage. Mostly scrapes & scratches on the gas tank, turn signals and front fender. All cosmetic stuff - relatively easy and cheap to fix - super easy if you’re handy with a wrench. Or you leave it as is, and just ride it - the minor damage in no way effects riding the bike - everything works exactly as it should and the bike still rides great.

Tons of pics here: http://picasaweb.google.com/grail21/TriumphForSale
Bike is located in Salem, MA. Email grail21@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Here’s a few samples pics

2 Responses to “2003 Triumph America For Sale”

  1. chaos cycle says:

    you shoud just cut it up and build a coolass bobber out of it

  2. grail says:

    I’ve thought about it, but just decided to go down a different road. I might regret that, but we’ll see.

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