TT Deluxe - Cafe Racer Inspired 2006 Triumph


You may have seen Jeremy Cupp’s last build - the Panster - from the many magazine articles it was featured in. A great bike for sure, but it’s his latest custom build - the TT Deluxe - that has had me completely floored since I first saw it at the Smoke Out. Built around a 2006 Triumph motor, this bike KILLS it on every level - over-all design, engineering, attention to detail, fabrication - it’s got it all.

Jeremy fabricated everything for this build in the back corner of his family’s machine shop, including the paint and leatherwork. It seems obvious to me that the family business has rubbed off on Jeremy in all of the right ways. The attention to detail - especially when we’re talking about custom fabricated parts - is mind blowing. From the front end to the jackshaft setup to the leather tank pads to a simple thing like the taillight - everything on this bike works together perfectly and just make you stand back and say wow. That jackshaft setup definitely blew a few minds - really ingenious stuff here. I say this with all respect to all the other builders who threw down hard with killer builds - hands down, this was my absolute favorite bike at the Smoke Out.

The success of the Panster and TT Deluxe has driven Jeremy to start up his own company - dubbed LCFabrications - where he focuses on creating custom builder parts. Check out his website or myspace: for more info.

You want more? I’ve got more - hit the read more link below to see a tons more pics, including lots of details, as well as a full tech sheet.

Tech sheet
Fabrication:Jeremy Cupp of LCFabrications
Year and Make: 2008 Special Construction
Model:TT Deluxe
Assembly by:Jeremy Cupp

Rebuilder:Jeremy Cupp
Carb:Keihin CR
Air cleaner:Strom 97
Pipes:2 into 1 by LCFabrications

Modifications:Jackshafted final drive

Molding:Jeremy Cupp
Painter:Jeremy Cupp

Rake:28 or so
Stretch:lots in backbone
Other:removable cradle

Front Pegs:LCFabrications
Gas Tank:LCFabrications
Seat:Jeremy and Lindsay Cupp

Special Features:Friction dampers

Hub:conical mini drum
Tires:Firestone military bias
Brakes:drum on jackshaft

Photo above and first 2 photos below by Bessie Black (


7 Responses to “TT Deluxe - Cafe Racer Inspired 2006 Triumph”

  1. Nardi says:

    I wouldnt want to ride it but it looks cool as hell

  2. matt says:

    it looks cool but i would fuck it up …baddass
    but i feel like im sitting on my mums couch with a cover on it….dont spill your tea,it will stain.

  3. mike says:

    Saw this yesterday at the VA British bike rally…the amount of thought and ingenuity that went into this bike is insane. As usual, pics don’t do it justice.

  4. Knucklebuster » Blog Archive » LC Fabrications says:

    […] One of the cool things about running this site is I get to hear from small shops and fabricators from all over the world. What’s exciting is that every once in a while these guys come out of seemingly nowhere and blow me out of the water with the quality, design and style of their work. LC Fabrications is a great example of that. I’ve known Jeremy (via email) for a while now and he continues to impress. My introduction to his work came at the 2008 Smoke Out when I was blown away by his modern Triumph, dubbed the TT Deluxe (previously mentioned here: TT Deluxe on Knucklebuster ) - the bike is simply stunning. Jeremy has continued to rock the mic over the past year - finishing 2 complete builds and introducing a bunch of new parts to his product line. […]

  5. Her Majesty's Thunder says:

    Whoa, that’s brilliant! Great job working in all the details of the original TT bikes.

  6. toxonix says:

    It has a lot of nice bits. The headlamp, bezels on the signals, etc. I like the steering damper for its simplicity. The air/oil twin fits right in.

  7. toothbrush says:

    It has a lot of nice bits. The headlamp, bezels on the signals, etc. I like the steering damper for its simplicity. The air/oil twin fits right in.

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