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Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 087

All we do is SIN-SIN-SIN


Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 086

Tube Welding: Motorcycle Frame Building Basics

Here’s a quick overview article about frame welding that I picked up off the Miller website and turned into a PDF for easy download. I’d consider this an intro article - all great info that you need to know, but if you don’t know it already, and don’t have the experience to back it up, […]

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 085

The 5th Knuckle

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 084

Indian Motorcycle Boardtrack racing

Man this is great. Some excellent vintage board track racing video, photos and history.

Ace Cafe Photo Set

John Pittman sent us this link to a great set of photos shot by Simon Crubellier at the Ace Cafe. Nice mix of bikes, still life and character pics. Definitely worth your time to flip through and dig into.
Check it out here:

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 083


Custom Boardtrack Frames for Sportsters

Our pal Benny from Boneshaker Choppers in the UK checked in with some info & pics of the new project he’s starting up. Boardtracker frames for Sportsters - righteous. I’ll let Benny give you the low down:
These are are own, all made in house. The basic premise is similar to the Flyrite stuff, you can […]

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 082

On Any Sunday movie clip

Here’s a almost 7 minute clip from On Any Sunday.
Hard chargers all the way.

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 081

From The Archives

Walt Fulton Racing

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 080

Acid Trip Gas Tank

Do not stare at while under the influence of any mind altering substances as it may cause your brain to fold in on itself.

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 079

1972 Norton Commando Flat Tracker

This 1972 Norton Commando Flat Tracker that I ripped off ebay is just straight up beautiful and sexy. Not sure who ended up buying it, but if it’s you, please drop me a line with some more pics and specs.
Here are some for tech details and hit the read more link at the […]

Smokeout 2008 : Photo : 078

Motorcycle Fuel Systems & Carb Basics

Here’s a quick download for you that goes through the basics of motorcycle fuel systems, specifically carburetors. Great for the greenhorn or old timer who needs a refresher. Click the image below to download the pdf.