Vintage 70’s Chopper Pic Goodness

Greenpanfixdos1970 1

Our pal Kevin C. sent in these pics he snagged from his father-in-law. So awesome. Here’s what Kevin had to say:

I snapped a bunch of cool polaroids from my father in law recently you may dig…

His name is Johnny Martinez and he used to own a body shop with his brother in LA circa 1969-1970…soooooo many rad photos but most are pretty blurry + faded…some good shit in there tho too…

BTW he mentioned green bikes were considered bad luck (maybe why he’s wrenching on it in both shots!)

Blurry or not, these pics rule. You guys know how much I love this shit, so if you’ve got some of your own vintage family photos, send them on in.

Knuckleandelcamino1969 1Bigblackbike1969 1
Delanocrew1969 1Greenpanfixuno1970 1Delanopaintshop1970 1

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    Thanks very cool.

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