1926 Harley Davidson 350cc Single Cylinder

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1926 Harley Davidson 26B 350cc s.v. Model “twenty one” was introduced in 1925 and it was mainly produced for the export market; it was the lowest price Harley at the time. This model B is the luxury model with full electric lighting.

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3 Responses to “1926 Harley Davidson 350cc Single Cylinder”

  1. greg taylor says:

    I owne a 1926 B in like new condition and I was wornding what it might be worth if I wanted to sale it.

  2. Harley IOE says:

    Nice bike an it appears to be in good condition. I always preferred the JD 2 cylinder V-Twin version.

  3. hisbello lima says:

    I would like to by a Harley Davidson 1926 250 cc in good condition. My e e-mail is hisbellolima@gmail.com

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